Fall 2013 PTFT Workshop Participant Interviews

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"I was suffering for years from PTSD after the traumatic event of finding a loved one dead.  I had tried extensive talk therapy, medical interventions, support groups, fringe therapies, and anything that promised relief from the deep pain and sadness that I carried inside myself.  Then a friend told me about their experience with TFT and I thought, well, why not.  Within one session I found tremendous results, an almost magical relief.  I was filled with a sense of compassion and healing that I cannot explain, as if the trauma had been lifted out of me and I could see my life again." – Client -Ann Arbor, MI

I attended Kevin Laye's workshop and I have found the information that he taught to be very useful.  I have already incorporate some of the wonderful techniques he taught into my practice. I signed up right away when I heard he was going to have two more workshops.  I can't wait to learn both TFT and Havening from Kevin.  The wonderful thing about what Kevin teaches is that it can be used both by an individual, who wants to work on issues that are troubling, and by practitioners who want a painless, effective method to help their clients free themselves from issues that feel unresolvable. EFTPractitioner – Ann Arbor, MI

The peace that I have felt since my session with Kevin can hardly be described. After coping with anxiety on a daily basis for years, it is a huge relief to feel relaxed, confident and peaceful on a regular basis. His work goes straight to the core and allows major change…the kind of change you can't even get after years of therapy.
T Mazurak – Psychotherapist and Canio-Sacral MassageTherapist

Kevin's technique's were simple and quite effective. I was able to let go of an old belief pattern. It has changed my life in an extraordinary way. I highly recommend attending any and all of his upcoming workshops.

N. Maxwell

After 20 years of marriage, I went through a heartbreaking divorce. I couldn't stop thinking about my ex-husband and our married life.  My thoughts and emotions went beyond grief, they became endless ruminations about the marriage, regrets, worries, anger.  These thoughts were taking over my life, preventing me from moving on to building a new life.  I had been in therapy, tried antidepressants, talked to friends, meditated, even prayed.  Nothing worked.  Until I went through the Thought Field Therapy process. The compulsive thoughts stopped.  Completely.  It took several sessions and I needed to continue tapping to reinforce the new energy pathways, and the new way of thinking.  But things changed completely.  If I thought about my marriage and my ex-husband and the loss, those thoughts would fade away like clouds drifting across the sky.  It seems remarkable, almost miraculous.  And it is. It is. It simply works.  I am so grateful…. and happy. CJ - Chicago, IL

For many months I was the primary care giver for my significant other. After many weeks in the hospital, I found that I was struggling with anger issues and overwhelming sadness. Kevin was recommended to me and his work seemed like a good option for me. After a session, my energy shifted. I felt lighter, calmer and overall better.
J. Ekermann
Ann Arbor, MI

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