About Donna Ryen

Donna RyenDonna Ryen is an Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker and teacher. As a filmmaker, Donna has had a passion and curiosity about great healers, teachers and practitioners and their work. Now, in addition to her work in film, she has created a new business to promote and bring the best practitioners in their field to the United States.

She is thrilled to introduce Kevin Laye, a Master in Thought Field Therapy. For years, she was struggling with the pain from a traumatic experience that led to sugar addiction, anxiety, and depression. After many western and alternative treatments, she discovered Laye. In one session over Skype, the pain from the trauma and her sugar addiction was gone.

This experience and freedom gained from it inspired her to bring Kevin to the United States and begin her quest to help people get the relief and healing they need now!

Her company, A2MI Productions will be filming the experiences along the way.


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