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Hi from Kevin UK … Jan 2014

Hi everyone in A2

Well only a couple of weeks now until I am back there with you all, will be bringing my thermals just in case :-)

Many of you witnessed the Power of PTFT and Havening at me earlier workshops and I am looking forward to returning to teaching you the skills to be able to learn and apply these powerful psycho-sensory modalities

I will also be showing you how you can incorporate these skills with other intervention techniques too such as NLP and Hypnosis and I'll no doubt add in some 'magick' in too.

The things I will be teaching you are unique to me and the Havening workshop will be the an amazing opportunity to meet and train with the creator Dr Ruden, who is just the most amazing person academically, philosophically….in fact in every way.

Your commitment to these training will, I promise you change your life in many ways. Investing this time and money for yourself, will enable you to have more 'control' over your life than you have ever experienced before.

It is also an investment not just for the time I am there training but for the rest of your life as once you have these skills no one can ever take them away from you.

Give me a weekend and I will change your life, give me the two weekends and you will have the skills and abilities to change the lives of others too, whether it be on a professional basis or just your family.

The trainings whilst serious will also be fun too, so if you come it will be 'serious fun' and you will be getting 'stuck in' and immersing yourself in the application of the techniques, so bring all your problems and issues with you and leave 'free' of them. To quote my friend Richard Bandler "Freedom is everything, and love is all the rest"

The opportunity is here and knocking, I look forward to seeing those of you wise enough to open the door.



2014 • WOW • Progressive Thought Field Therapy and Havening Techniques™

 A Special Thank You:

I truly want to thank you Kevin for making the journey across the Atlantic to visit Ann Arbor!

The testimonials and feedback I’ve received from those who attended his last workshops in September have truly been remarkable. I’m sure many will want to share their gratitude stories when he returns late January.

Progressive Thought Field Therapy:

For those of you just visiting the site, Kevin Laye has developed a unique training program in Progressive Thought Field Therapy [PTFT]. Progressive means Kevin has combined the most effective techniques in TFT derived from his many years of experience in training practitioners and treating thousands of clients throughout the world. The PTFT certification you will receive includes Advanced Meridian techniques for practitioners and non-practitioners alike. Many want these amazing tools to have as life-long skills for treatment on themselves or family members (including out beloved pets!) Please visit his website for more detailed information on his many advanced certifications!

Havening Techniques™

This is such a rare and wonderful opportunity for us here in Ann Arbor. We are thrilled that Kevin will be joined by Dr. Ron Ruden, the creator Havening Techniques™ for the training certification in February! Laye and Ruden are extraordinary practitioners with a deep understanding drawn from their years of experience and research in the field. They will present the science and treatments that accompany the “Havening Touch”. You can review the full outline of the program on this site. I suggest you also visit

Two Certification Training Together

We are being taught by the best in the field, and anyone interested in practicing should note:

The combination of the PTFT and Havening Techniques™ training is powerful in no small sense of the word.. Both techniques are among the most a rapid, effective, content-free treatment for trauma, pain and stress related issues. Together, they will give you extremely effective treatment options and deepen your understanding of energy meridians and the brain’s response to psychosensory modalities. Dr. Ruden and Kevin are a powerful combination of Experience, Knowledge and Heart! I am honered and thrilled they will be here to help us!

Details of the certification and registration are posted on this site for Jan/Feb 2014.

Sincerely, Donna

From Kevin … October 2013 UK

“Back home in a rainy UK now…..I would like to say though with all my heart what a great time I had in Ann Arbor and the kindness that was shown to me by everyone whilst there. Terry and Kathryn were so kind to let me stay in their home with the most beautiful view, the center for letting me use an office to see clients and all of you who trusted in me enough to give up your time to attend my workshops. I am looking forward to returning in 2014 and to look to develop things further. Special thanks must go to Donna who without her drive, passion and belief in me, none of this would have happened. So thank you all once again for your kindness and your welcome and open spirits.
Much love to you all from a precipitous English country day”

Latest Message from Kevin in UK

Hi…me again, packing my bags in prep for my visit to Ann Arbor… looking
forward to meeting everyone and having some great fun as well as showing you how
to use the techniques I will demo and discuss, to enable you to have some
significant shifts….

See you all very soon


Private Sessions Booked, But Workshop Space Still Available

Kevin is obviously in demand on this tour, as all of his private one-on-one sessions have been booked. Kevin however often works with groups too, and with his style, not too much content has to be revealed for him to effect a change, often a profound change. In workshops Kevin will discuss much of the processes he uses to attain the outcomes he does.

If you had hoped to book a private session but didn’t get registered in time, workshops are a great way to see this particular master of his craft demonstrate what he can do.

Kevin and Havening Techniques

Hi Everyone!

Dr. Ruden recently certified Kevin as the ‘first’ world trainer in Havening Techniques.

I’ve asked Kevin to do a demonstration while he’s here in Ann Arbor.
Kevin is then off to present with Dr. Ruden in the New York City Premiere Havening Techniques™ October 5th & 6th.

Thanks for spreading the word about Kevin’s arrival!

Message from Kevin in UK

Kevin here, really looking forward to my upcoming visit to Ann Arbor. I hope to make some significant changes to those who have booked in a session with me, and I hope to ‘wow’ people who come to my workshops with ‘live’ demonstrations of amazing techniques….I may even throw in a little ‘magic’ my style too. I do promise those who come and support me though, that you will get 110% of me and get to experience some amazing change-work.